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What is included in a Work & Share membership?

  • Super fast, reliable Internet
  • Comfortable, ergonomic furniture
  • Cozy chill out areas
  • Zone for entertainment 
  • Meeting room hours
  • Printing/Copying/Scanning
  • Various tailor-made community events
  • Membership network
  • Perks and benefits

What kind of plans do you offer?

We offer 4 types of membership:

  • Hot desk
  • Dedicated desk
  • Team Desk
  • Team Office

What is the difference between hot and dedicated desk?

  • If you use a hot desk you have to collect all your belongings from the desk in the end of the day. Anyone with the same membership can use that type of desks, so don’t be surprised if you find someone else sitting at the desk you’ve sat the day before :) 
  • If you choose a dedicated desk you can leave all the necessary for your work stuff. This is your own personal desk and no one else can use it.

How do I choose between a team desk and a team office?

We are always happy to have new teams on board, but we have to inform you that our team offices and team desks are limited, so don’t waste more time, get your sky-rocket team a team desk or a team office. Send us an email to join@workandshare.io with information about your team size and your preferences.

  • A team desk is a dedicated desk for group of people - small teams, startups, etc.
  • A team office is a dedicated office for teams of different sizes and specialization. Our offices vary in size and capacity - from office for 5 people to office for 40.

I'm still not a member. Can I just pass by or should I make an appointment?

You are very welcome to stop by Work & Share and have a chat with our community manager, who will also show you around. 

Nevertheless we advise you to schedule an appointment in order to ensure our availability and help. Give us a call at +359889302909 or email us at join@workandshare.io to schedule a meeting!

 I would like to become a member. How to sign up?

Welcome on board! The only thing you have to do is to book an appointment with our community manager (join@workandshare.io). You will  get a username and password for signing up as soon as you apply for a membership.

How can I pay?

All the memberships have to be paid through our system by providing a valid bank account or credit card number. Once you become a member, you can pay and change your membership, using your personal account in the system.

How do I change my membership?

If you are already part of our community but want to change your membership, you can do it yourself using the platform. The update will be active from the upcoming month. 

If you face any difficulties, please contact our team.

Is mail and package handling included in the memberships?

Mail and package handling is included only for Dedicated Desk and Team Office plans. 

If you need that service you can always add it on top of your membership - mailbox - 20 lv./mo

Is it OK to talk on the phone while in the open coworking space? 

Hey, we are all busy and have many phone calls, but we also know that sometimes it could be very distracting if someone talks on the phone while we are trying to work. So it is highly desirable to use the phone booths, which are made for that purpose. You can find them at each of the open coworking areas. Or, you can always use the chill out areas or the Eat & Share space.

How can I book a meeting room?

We offer 6 different meeting rooms ranging from small rooms for up to 6 people to bigger rooms for 10 participants. Meeting rooms’ usage is included in your membership. Nevertheless we kindly ask you to use them moderate amount of time, so all our members could have access to them when they need it. You can book a meeting room via your  account in the system.

Are there any zones for relaxation?

Yep, we know what you mean, we all need a break, a short siesta during the exhausting work day. That’s why we’ve created cozy chill out areas at the open coworking spaces with comfy sofas and bean bags, but also we made a funky separate entertainment area where you can play Foosball, ping-pong, pool table etc. 

What is your guest policy?

Our guests are welcome to enjoy the nice semi-working atmosphere at Eat & Share, the little fella of Work & Share, on the other side of the backyard.

If you are a member and would like to have a business meeting with guests, you can book one of our meeting rooms, or meet them at Eat & Share.

Unplanned guest tours in the coworking space are not very welcome. We take care of our coworking members and don’t want to distract their work process.

Can guests visit me?

Yes, they can.

Can I take my dog with me? What is your pet policy?

We welcome dogs in our space only if they are calm and friendly and are vaccinated, so we take your word for it. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for your pets. We rely on you to take care of your dog and to be sure it is not disturbing the privacy of our members.

Can I park my car somewhere?

Yes, you can, but unfortunately the number of parking lots is limited, because the backyard of Work & Share is not that spacious. Our parking lots are paid, so if you need one, you can always add it as a service to your monthly coworking plan.

You can also park your car on the street or be eco-friendly and use your bicycle or the public transport network instead :) The closest metro station is G.M. Dimitrov.

Where is the next public transportation?

The easiest way to reach us by public transport is by metro. The stations G.M. Dimitrov and Joliot Curie are 5-7  minutes walking distance from Work & Share.

I would like to come by bike. Is there a safe place where I can leave it?

You can lock your bike in the backyard, where you’ll find a bike storage. You can also take a shower after cycling. We have built two bathrooms on disposal to our members.

What are your building hours? When are you open?

Our lovely staff is onsite every work day between 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM .

For members with Hot Desks the access to their workstation is between 8 AM - 8 PM. 

For the rest (Dedicated Desks, Team Desks and Team offices) your home location is accessible by key card 24/7.

What are your terms of cancellation and how can I end my membership?

You can cancel your open end membership at any time, but you need to give us notice at least 30 days in advance. 

If you don’t cancel your membership on time you will be charged automatically for another month.

If you face any troubles, don’t hesitate to contact us at: office@workandshare.io